Go Green! Plant a Garden!

Kennedy F

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There are a few basics you need before planting a garden and it all depends on if you are starting a planter garden or a garden in the ground. From a personal standpoint, I just started a planter garden and I think it is a bit better than a garden in the ground because you have more control over things like soil and what’s eating your plants. As far as the things you will need, that is up to you but here is a list of basic gardening tools:


  1. Pots (if your planning on a potted garden)

Of course, if you choose to plant your garden into the soil then you will not need to use pots for your garden. But if you are there are a few different types of pots that you can choose from so you should look into the style, the price, and what that type is meant for.


  1. Shovels

Small shovels are better for potted plants but bigger gardens may require larger shovels. Be sure to be careful that when moving or putting in new plants you don’t break their roots because they are very delicate and they can be destroyed in an instant.


  1. Gardening gloves

If you prefer to get your hands dirty then don’t worry about this step, but if you are like me and need to keep your hands clean then getting some gloves might be a necessary step. When going to get gloves, make sure that you get a size that properly fits your hand and a pair that won’t be uncomfortable. Keep in mind that gloves can be as cheap as $1.


  1. Water mister or watering can

Misting is a very gentle way to water your plants. It nourishes and gets into the roots of your plants while also dusting your plants leaves with a very fine, light cover of water. This is not only hydrating to your plants but also very fun to use! If your hose does not already have a plant mister then a watering can is very useful and still gentle.


  1. Plants of your choice

This is depending on your personal stance on what you want to grow. So do your research on the different plants and your garden will have great success.