The Most Dangerous Creature in the World

Griffin K.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

What is a virus? Truth is we have no idea. If someone tells you a virus is a type of bacteria they are dead wrong.

The most dangerous, harmful, threatening creature in the world is the virus. More dangerous than any predator alive the virus is a cold blooded killer and kills trillions per day at a molecular scale and even with our scale the virus can kill.

We can’t really explain what a virus actually is. It isn’t bacteria or a disease. It isn’t really alive but it isn’t dead either. It doesn’t have any organs or bone structure. It doesn’t reproduce it makes clones of itself. Also viruses could be considered immortal, as in they can’t die from old age.

What makes these tiny, unsolvable mysteries so dangerous? The virus doesn’t seem to have any motive, what it does is it attaches itself to a cell then it corrupts the cell, infests it and eventually takes control of it so it can alter the DNA codes within the cell to make copies of itself to infest other cells.

The virus has achieved something humans have been trying for decades, gene splicing!

If you already know what that means you can skip to the next paragraph. If you don’t know genes are what make up your DNA, they are what programs your body whether you’re tall, short, fast, slow, strong, or weak. Whether you’re a lion, a human or a fish, genes are the things that decide that. Genes are inherited from your parents when you’re born. Gene splicing is something else entirely. Gene splicing is the theory that we can reprogram our genes, to basically give ourselves artificial traits, to change our body, change our strength and even change our age. We have been studying ways to do this for years and so far we are unable to do so. But there is one creature that can.

Viruses somehow know how to change DNA!


Virus’s use this ability to take control of our cells, blood cells, structure cells, bone cells, brain cells and bacteria cells. If the Virus reprograms the genes to anything but making copies of themselves can you imagine how dangerous that would be, the virus could take a disease and make in fifty times stronger.

There’s a war that’s being going on since life on Earth maybe even before that, and the virus is the one who’s in charge.