Introducing Earl!

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Lucy C.

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Introducing Earl!

Hey there,

This is Lucy and Lilly and we’d like to introduce you all to our newspaper mascot, Earl, the magical, mystical dinosaur. Down below are some interesting and fun facts about our mascot.


Species: Dinosaur

Age: 57 (months old)

Personality: Tries to act tough but is actually a lil’ cinnamon roll UwU

Likes: Helping out with the newspaper theme, warm clothing, noodles, sleeping, flowers, anything sweet, and cold weather

Dislikes: Lasagna, being called small, Patricia (his mortal enemy)

Magical Powers: Shooting bubbles out of his nose and floating

Fears: Jell-O, loud noises, rain, anything bigger than him

Pet Peeves: Screaming, being sticky