You Have More Than 5 Senses

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You Have More Than 5 Senses

Griffin K.

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You know what the five senses are, there’s see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. These senses allow us to understand the world around us. It is commonly known these are the only senses humans have, this isn’t true. What if I told you there were four other senses you have that you don’t know about. These senses are temperature, pain, balance/gravity, and pressure which is being aware of the world around you.











The sense of temperature is commonly confused with the sense to feel/touch, however feeling the surface of an object or the texture of an object whether an object is rough or soft, whether it is sharp or smooth is not the same thing as telling whether an object is hot or cold. On the top layer of your skin you have the ability to feel and that information is transferred to your mind. However the second layer of your skin has a different function, it is called the dermis. If you know the sense of temperature works differently to the sense of touch, you can feel whether an object is cold or hot before even touching it!















We have already discussed that the sense of touch comes from the top layer of the skin. When you touch a hot stove, when you trip and fall, when you sprain your ankle or hit your head, you respond with pain. When that happens what is actually happening is your skin fibers react with a violent volt of electricity, like a fuse was blown. This electrical signal is sent through your spine and into your brain which signals that to the injury immediately and then traps the electric signal in their to prevent it from harming your mind, giving the injury a burning sensation.









Have you ever heard of something called the center of gravity? Focus on one part of your body and nothing else, feel the parts that aren’t attached to the bone, it’s also important that that part of your body is not touching any surface. If you did this correctly you can actually feel the natural pull of gravity on your body! We can feel our bodies being pulled down by the earth’s core with our center of gravity which is a field that determines how much gravity is pulling on you and tells you where the point of greatest gravity is.

Fun fact: you are constantly leaning one direction, but so little that you don’t notice, you’re doing this because you’re focusing on the greatest point of gravity nearby, which happens to be the nearest black hole, millions and billions of miles off.












Pressure (The Force of Everything Around You)

This sense is one of the hardest to explain but it is definitely real. Have you ever noticed that when someone/something is behind you, you know it’s there? Maybe you can feel the heat of their body, or maybe you can hear their breath. Suppose you couldn’t hear, smell, feel them at all. Somehow you still know that they are there. You might notice this a lot when you’re looking the other way and are about to run into something, an unseen force gives you a signal that an object is in front of you. If you’ve ever seen someone who is blind they’ll often have a pole to tell them if anything is in their way, but they usually won’t touch anything with their pole, mainly because the pole is just extending the sense of pressure. The sense of pressure is the sense of density of atoms this is why you don’t sense the pressure of air. By being in contact with an object you extend your sense of pressure, it’s similar to the sense of gravity in that the sense exists outside of your body in something similar to a magnetic field. You might notice this more if you close your eyes, you’ll be able to sense all the objects around you!


These are the senses you might not have noticed, the more official ones anyway. The unofficial senses still need to be proved (there are about 26 in total). So remember you can understand and feel the world much better than you realize, and remember that you as a human can hear, see, smell, feel, and taste but you can feel temperature, pain, gravity and pressure.