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Hi, Both Lilly and Lucy work very hard to create this Art page. We would love it if you please don't comment mean things about the artwork. Thank you

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Half (girl) human/Half lion/ // Zoelainey , 3ed grade, Miss Terry // Diet is unknown // Lives on Mars //

Unknown // Luke Oliver, 4th grade Mrs. Johnston // Lives on Jupiter // Diet everything (but he likes carrots and humans the best)

Cakien // Logan Oliver, 6th grade, Mrs,Giarreto // Diet flour, eggs, and sugar // lives on Pluto and Neptune

Fluffy // Graden, 2ed grade, Miss Cherry // Lives on the moon // Eats Donuts

Geyser Beast // Felix Crowder, 7th grade, Mrs. Moos // Lives in deepest geyser // Diet is meat and rocks

14th eyed king // Reed, 2ed grade, Miss Cherry // Lives in Earth’s core// Diet is sunlight and lightning.

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting the art page! This is where we showcase CRA’s Kindergarten through 8th-grade student artwork. Every month or so we will hold a drawing contest. This month’s theme is ALIENS!  Create your own original alien and provide information about your alien, for example, tell us where it lives or what it eats. We ask that if you do choose to enter the contest that you follow the rules of no violence, no tracing other peoples artwork, no bases/recolors, and it MUST BE ORIGINAL artwork/ideas. The artwork can be digital or traditional. If it is digital, please send it to [email protected] or [email protected] If it is traditional then it must be 8.5 x 11 (sheet of paper) and only blank paper (not lined). You can turn your artwork into classroom C4, Lilliana Amaya and/or Lucille Colon, or your homeroom teacher. On the back of the artwork, we ask that you include your first and last name, your grade, and teacher. We will pick 4-5 pieces of art to display on the website.We are excited to see all of your artwork! If you have any questions about next months theme, it is still being decided!

Remember to eat all your veggies kids,

Lilly and Lucy

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